Fast Modular Products and Services (FMPS), established in 1992, is a holding Lebanese company focused on the commercialization of high quality healthcare, research & quality products, services and solutions to private and public sectors in Lebanon and the MENA region. FMPS is the parent company of many companies established in Lebanon, Cyprus and the MENA region Bioteck medical and hospital supplies sal ( 1992) , Bioteckno research and quality solutions sal ( 2012), Mediagnostics ( 2019) , Global Medical Supplies –UAE ( 2020) , Biokloud (2009) , Logistics and Supply Services ( 2009) and FMPS international- Cyprus ( 2023).

Founded by Mr. Pierre Salloum, FMPS has more than 30 years of experience in the health sector offering the most complete range of products from the best brands. This is a company that over the time has managed to focus on its expert field, offering comprehensive medical, hospitals/labs, pharmaceutical, research & quality solutions, health care management and consultancy, IT solutions for the health care industry in Lebanon and in the MENA region.

The research of innovative products and the high quality services given to our customers make the basis of the solid platform of our project. Our organization is focused on satisfying the needs of our customers, helping them to improve the quality of their patients.


Mr. Pierre Salloum, Chairman of the Board
Mr. Roland Salloum, CEO
Mr. Ronald Zoghbi, CFO

Our personal motivation and Mission consist in offering the best solutions to our customers. As our slogan well reflects, what gives meaning to FMPS is “United for a Healthier World”.

The future of FMPS consists in offering integral solutions of medical, research and quality, pharmaceutical products for the care of the people Health in Lebanon, Cyprus and MENA region. Our guarantee is wide and varying: team, commitment, corporate responsibility, technological innovation, transparency, business strength and experience.

Our strength

We have a robust, well defined and enforced structure of good corporate governance that works for the benefit of everyone concerned by ensuring that FMPS adheres to accepted ethical standards, best practices and formal laws.

Our corporate governance model outlines several processes such as appointment authority and standards, performance measurement, disclosure practices, executive compensation decisions, dividend policies, procedures for reconciling conflicts of interest and explicit or implicit contracts between the company and stakeholders, compliance culture board’s succession plan, and board diversity.

Our quality accreditation certified ISO 9001:2015, GSDP certificate, and numerous international awards as Best Partner by many, BioMérieux, Sysmex, ThermoFisher among other brands. FMPS has the organizational structure, responsibilities, procedures, processes and resources to implement the quality management system. These measures are known to all personnel involved in activities and are provided in accordance with customer requirements and applicable legal regulations. For any issue related to quality and non-conformity please call: 70 48 84 41

We doing what’s right, this has always been a fundamental principle at FMPS and a core element of our culture and it is all tailored in our well-articulated code of ethics and our Anticorruption, anti-bribery Policy. An ethical mindset supports values-based decision-making when serving clients and during the course of our daily lives. We pride ourselves in focusing on doing not only what is good for business, but what is good for our people and the communities in which we live and work. For any complaint related to misconduct and ethics please call: 71 02 55 85

For the purpose of protecting the public health, our Regulatory Affairs team monitors and controls the safety and efficacy of the products within the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical devices, and food supplements domains, They liaise at the interphase of product development (storage, distribution, advertising, post marketing surveillance and pharmacovigilance). And interfaces between the company and the regulatory authorities. They are responsible for obtaining the market authorization and the registration of the pharmaceutical products from the Ministry of public health . For any adverse event related to our products please call: 03 27 13 25

At FMPS we have a Customer Service Area that treats the needs of our clients in a personalized way. In addition, our Technical Assistance Service ensures the correct maintenance of the medical, laboratory & research equipment and guarantees the perfect use of the equipment acquired at all times.

FMPS Holding-Strengths



Our determination to find answers for our partners and clients, motivates us to pursue medical and research practices and to provide the best services with the greatest potential to improve lives and protect public health.

These technologies are shedding new light on the biology behind many diseases, helping our teams target the root causes of disease with more precise tests and results.

With this innovative healthcare ecosystem, we build strong relationships with partners of choice and accelerate the development of the treatments of tomorrow and research solutions.

Explore our pipeline and services

We provide high quality of hospital, medical and laboratory equipment and supplies along with technical engineering services (installation and after sales services) to its customers. Moreover, we are specialized in fully-designing and setup of hospitals and medical centers and delivering turn-key projects with pioneered solutions. our main targets are hospitals, medical centers and labs of different sizes within all regions of Lebanon.

We have highly qualified engineers and technicians in the management and maintenance of the equipment of our clients.

We provide:

  • Short technical support response less than 48 hours
  • Monthly preventive maintenance of equipment
  • Courtesy equipment provided during reparation if necessary

We provide Health institutions with total solution for consulting, supplying, implementing and supporting the complete range of laboratory equipment, from high-end analytical research-grade to routine general equipment. With the help of our professional qualified staff, we are dedicated to delivering high quality goods, services and customer relationships. Our Sales and Service experiences serve the Research, Education, and Quality Control needs of various fields such as Environmental


(Pesticides, Water, Waste Water and Air Sampling), Food & Beverage Testing, Sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Agriculture and Forensic)

We perform an integral management of the supply chain, with the mission of providing the necessary means to ensure a perfect process of purchase and delivery, in a timely manner to our customers. For this, our company has a system of planning and forecast of monthly purchase needs, which contributes to the perfect coordination with the manufacturers. Our organization guarantees our service to the clients for the benefit of the Physician and the patient.

We provide Home lab testing & healthcare solutions to monitor your health and help diagnose certain conditions, privately and confidentially.

Book online and get easy-to-understand and actionable health insights on the same day from the comfort of home. www.pcr-lb.online

We provide software development to medical device. We will bring your innovated designs and ideas to life. We assist healthcare solution providers to bring their medical products and software solutions quicker to market by leveraging our strong domain expertise in Laboratory IT system (LIS), software Equipment Integration development in addition to Temperatures and Humidity Sensors Devices and Mapping solutions & software.

We are your innovative partner you can trust for reliability, quality and being on-time and on-budget.

Our business cluster designs, plans strategies, coordinates, and executes large-scale, highly international, and local turnkey projects for healthcare institutions. All-in-one project management for healthcare organizations that works for your team and helps you face any challenges to manage simple and complex projects and everything in between. We provide risk management assessment and a pre-assessment analysis if your healthcare institution is a medical center or hospital, to be built and operated the way you and your partners envision. We do the pre-feasibility analysis tests for your project’s viability at an early stage. We study the financial feasibility over 35- years to track the IRR of the project, along with the demographic pattern, population, site planning, environmental planning, electricity, water supply, and bed planning. Our dedicated team is led by a manager who works in close collaboration with drafting technicians to design the facility’s drawings (department layouts, room layouts, electrical and biomedical equipment requirements and layouts). Our flexible and smart design and integrated process create a safe and comfortable healthcare facility with a productive, practical, and theoretical operational flow. We also provide the financial and administration management, HR , regulatory quality management , after sales and maintenance services  for the installed equipment services.

FMPS Holding-Services



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Any Quality for Products and Services Complaints please call the customer care office: 70 48 84 41

Any Adverse Event and Pharmacovigilance please call the regulatory: 03 27 13 25

Any Conduct or Ethic Violation please call the legal & compliance office: 71 02 55 85

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