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Tissue Processing

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  • The result of Milestone putting its 30 years of experience to use, resulting in a patented hybrid processing technology.Lean by Design. MAGNUS is the processor with the highest uptime by design. It does not require paraffin transfers, saving time and potential blockages.
  • There are no cleaning cycles and a reduced consumption of reagents overall, delivering dramatic cost savings.
  • Safe by Design. It runs xylene-free, enabling long paraffin reutilization. Additionally, it checks alcohol purity before every step using the (optional) reagent sensor.
  • During the day, MAGNUS runs urgent biopsies in short, fully automated, continuous loading processes.
  • During the night, MAGNUS runs as an advanced, resistant heated, processor. It also allows the user to set fixation time to fulfill all CAP/ASCO guidelines for assessing HER-2, ER and PgR testing.



  • Conventional processing of biospecimen relies on an outdated technology that has inherent limitations in terms of both process time and workflow.


  • Milestone is committed to offer innovative and practical solutions to overcome the well-known challenges of the crucial pre-analytical phase



  • The LOGOS One EVO is the state-of-art in traditional tissue processing.


  • It is a flexible tool to ensure a more efficient workflow and an optimized use of operator time.


  • Urgent specimens, often small biopsies, can be processed throughout multiple daily cycles, either using the automated or dual run capabilities of LOGOS One EVO; large and fatty tissues are typically processed overnight.



A state-of-the-art, multifunctional microwave tissue processor, the KOS is ideally suited as a complement to the existing capabilities found in histology laboratories, where the multitasking nature of the instrument can enhance and accelerate many of the typical applications encountered.




  • Cleaning of wax contaminated items is a tedious and time-consuming task for any laboratory. In most cases, toxic reagents (xylene) will be used for this.


  • HistosMATE offers an innovative, safe and rapid solution for the efficient cleaning of wax contaminated laboratory tools.

HistoDream EW


Embedding will now have an added value: histotechs, while embedding, can scan the cassettes’ bar code and visually check the biopsies/specimens conformity to their original shape and numerousness, as images at the time of grossing and cassetting are displayed on the HistoDream EW screen.

HistoDream M


The new semi-automated microtome from Milestone is a reliable, stable and precise unit, engineered to provide high quality sections, by assuring the operator’s safety and comfort.



EasyCUT neutralizes electrostatic charges and thus it helps technicians in obtaining a perfect, non-sticky, wrinkle-free ribbon, without chattering effect and easy to transfer to the water bath



  • During the day, LOGOS One can run urgent biopsies in a short time as a fully automated unit. Molten wax is automatically transferred to and from the processing retort for the impregnation step.


  • During the night, LOGOS One can run protocols as an advanced and resistant heated processor.


  • Simultaneous microwave and resistance heating mode LOGOS is the first all-in-one tissue processor with the exclusive Milestone patented microwave hybrid processing technology.
  • This system can operate as a conventional resistance heated overnight tissue processor. It fulfills all CAP/ASCO guidelines for assessing HER-2, ER and PgR testing in breast tissues.
  • Ultra-rapid dehydration/clearing steps are carried out by microwave heating technology for a faster turnaround. Its processing parameters can be set to fit your specific workflow requirements.

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