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Sample Handling

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Automated formalin dispensing system, for safe, standardized and documented biospecimens’ transport.


Automation, standardization and safety for full biospecimen management.

TissueSAFE plus

An innovative and patented vacuum system which eliminates the need for formalin in the operating theatre and allows for a controlled, formalin-free, transfer of biospecimens to the laboratory.


Accurate and reliable diagnostic results for morphology and molecular studies.


For the first time, automatic protocols for fixation/decalcification of bone tissues are available for the modern laboratory. These protocols allow for improved diagnostic quality, consistency of results and faster turn-around time.


  • Small enough to fit any grossing station or ventilated hood, the FixSTATION 1RH is a game changer in controlling the fixation process.
  • Fixation of racks takes place in a close environment, outside the tissue processor, according to specific protocols with full documentation readily available

Grossing Devices

ProCUT Slicing Devices

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