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Elemental Spectrometers

ICP Emission Spectrometers

  • iCAP PRO ICP-OES and iCAP PRO X ICP-OES Deliver robust, uncomplicated trace elemental analysis for your laboratory with the Thermo Scientific iCAP PRO ICP-OES and Thermo Scientific iCAP PRO X ICP-OES systems. These systems offer fast start-up, easy-to-use software and incredible speed, providing multi-element detection technology far superior to that of single-element AAS.
  • iCAP PRO XP ICP-OES Analyze high-matrix trace elemental samples with sensitive multi-element detection and meet your data requirements with the optimal performance of the Thermo Scientific iCAP PRO XP ICP-OES. Rugged on all fronts, this system needs surprisingly little bench space or user maintenance.
  • iCAP PRO XPS ICP-OES Experience high-speed analysis of your trace elemental samples with the Thermo Scientific iCAP PRO XPS ICP-OES. It meets your specific regulatory requirements with unmatched throughput and versatility.

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