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Chromatography Systems

IC and RFIC column categories

A complete line of Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ IonPac™ columns for hydroxide, carbonate, and methanesulfonic acid (MSA) eluents. Many are now available with our newest innovative format – capillary and 4!m particle size. Our BioIC columns, the Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ AminoPac ™ and CarboPac™ columns, enable direct analysis of amino acids and carbohydrates by ion chromatography (IC).

Hydroxide-Selective Anion-Exchange Columns:
Use these high-capacity, high-resolution columns for inorganic anions, oxyhalides including bromate, organic acids, haloacetic acids, and multivalent anions in complex matrices.

Ion-Exclusion IC Columns:
Ideal for separation of aliphatic organic acids and alcohols in complex samples, and for monitoring trace levels of borate in high-purity water.

Carbonate Eluent Anion-Exchange IC Columns:
Perform well-characterized isocratic separations, including regulated methods for drinking and wastewater, using these carbonate eluent columns.

Amino Acid IC Columns:
Obtain high-resolution separations of free amino acids without derivatization, of phosphorylated amino acids, and of common oxidation products of sulfur containing amino acids.

Specialty Anion Exchange IC Columns:
Use these specialty columns for a variety of applications including transition metals, polyvalent anions, hexavalent chromium, sulfide, and cyanide.

Carbohydrate IC Columns:
These columns have been optimized for high-resolution IC separation of mono-, di-, poly-, and oligosaccharides, and sugar alcohols.

Cation-Exchange IC Columns:
Obtain high-resolution separations of inorganic cations, ammonium, and amines, including alkylamines, alkanolamines, and biogenic amines.

Reversed-Phase IC Columns:
Use these columns for ionizable compounds (e.g., surfactants) or for traditional reversed phase applications. Use mixed-mode columns for hydrophobic, neutral and ionic species.

IC Concentrator Columns:
Designed primarily for high purity water analysis, these columns retain the ions of interest while eliminating the matrix interferences, thus concentrating the analyte and lowering detection limits.

IC Trap Columns:
These columns trap eluent contaminants, preventing them from interfering with analytical results

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