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Media, Supplements, Cells, and Reagents


Advanced media are widely used basal media that allow the culture of mammalian cells with reduced Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) supplementation. Compared to classic media, serum supplementation can be reduced by 50–90% with no change in growth rate or morphology.

B27™ Plus

The next-generation of the most cited neuronal cell culture product, B-27 Supplement. It is a serum-free supplement that provides the highest rate of in vitro survival of primary rodent and human stem cell-derived neurons.


Cell Therapy Systems (CTS) products offer a proven choice for clinical stem cell therapy and immunotherapy research and manufacturing so you can transition your cell therapy to the clinic with confidence. CTS helps minimize the risk of contamination and variability in your research while providing the required documentation for regulatory review.


Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle Medium (DMEM) is a widely used basal medium for supporting the growth of many different mammalian cells. Cells successfully cultured in DMEM include primary fibroblasts, neurons, glial cells, HUVECs, and smooth muscle cells, as well as cell lines such as HeLa, 293, Cos-7, and PC-12.


The Expi293 Expression System is a major advancement in transient expression technology for rapid and ultra-high-yield protein production in mammalian cells.


The Gibco ExpiCHO Expression System is designed to provide the highest protein yields possible in a transient system, allowing you to work in CHO cells from discovery to production.


The Gibco ExpiSf Expression System is a complete chemically defined insect protein expression platform designed for superior yields and consistent performance using a fast, streamlined workflow.


Visualize live cells with up to 90% lower background fluorescence using FluoroBrite media. Specially designed to enhance the signal-to-noise ratio of fluorophors while maintaining cell viability.


Geltrex matrix is a basement membrane extract that contains laminin, collagen IV, entactin, and heparin sulfate proteoglycans. It supports growth of a variety of cells in 2D and 3D cell culture, including primary cells, human embryonic stem cells, and human induced pluripotent stem cells.


Gibco GlutaMAX supplement can be used as a direct substitute for L-glutamine at equimolar concentrations in your cell culture media, resulting in efficient energy metabolism and high-growth yield, without the detrimental effects of excess ammonia on your cells.


KnockOut products offer superior performance for feeder-dependent culture. Choose the reagent that best fits your stem cell culture needs.


Neurobasal Medium is a basal medium designed for long-term maintenance and maturation of pure pre-natal and embryonic neuronal cell populations without the need for an astrocyte feeder layer when used with Gibco B-27 supplements.


Gibco StemFlex Medium supports the robust expansion of feeder-free pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) and is optimized to support novel applications, including single-cell passaging, gene editing, and reprogramming.


Gibco StemScale PSC Suspension Medium supports the growth of pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) in suspension through the self-assembly of spheroids. The unique formulation of StemScale medium provides superior expansion while maintaining high viability and consistent spheroid formation across multiple PSC lines.


Gibco cell dissociation products are ideal for use with tissues and cell monolayers. TrypLE Enzymes are a gentler and more stable substitute for porcine trypsin, and is composed of highly purified recombinant enzymes.

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