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Frozen Sections

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  • Reduces freezing time to 60 seconds and eliminates freezing artifacts through ultrafast freezing, preventing the formation of ice crystals.


  • Cut fatty tissues, like breast or lymph nodes, can be frozen without difficulty and without the distortion of their delicate honeycomb structures.



  • An innovative benchtop processor/stainer for high quality frozen sections.


  • It introduces a standardized approach to processing slides using FineFIX, a patented Milestone solution, followed by fully automated staining protocols.

FineFIX Module

The high quality of Milestone frozen sections can only be obtained by freezing the specimens with PrestoCHILL and by processing the slides with FineFIX before staining.


It is now possible to carry out evidence-based freezing protocols on biospecimens with the full documentation needed for QA purposes.

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