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Chromatography Systems


Chromatography Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation Consumables

These include a multitude of resin-based solutions, manifolds and dispensers you can use in the process, syringe filters, protein precipitation, protein digest products and more.

  • Protein Digest
  • SPE Consumables
  • Syringe Filters
  • Solid Supported Liquid Extraction (SLE)
  • Protein Precipitation Plates
  • Lab Plates
  • Manifolds
  • QuEChERS Sample Preparation Kits

Automated Sample Preparation Solutions

  • Accelerated Solvent Extraction: for solid and semisolid samples using solvents at elevated temperatures and pressures
  • ASE System Dispersants and Sorbents
  • Dionex AutoTrace 280 Automated Solid Phase Extraction (SPE): to isolate trace organics from large-volume aqueous matrices
  • Automated Solvent Evaporation: Rocket Evaporator and Reacti-Vap Nitrogen Evaporators
  • TurboFlow Columns for Automated Online LC/MS Sample Cleanup

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