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Integrated systems for sequencing, real-time, digital and endpoint PCR.


BigDye Cycle Sequencing kits and standards are robust, flexible chemistry that provide quality results, long read lengths, and optimal base calling for a multitude of CE sequencing applications.

BigDye XTerminator™

Our BigDye XTerminator Purification Kit is a fast, fluid purification method for DNA sequencing reactions that effortlessly removes unincorporated BigDye terminators and salts, paving the way for increased productivity.

CLA Identifiler™

The CLA (Cell Line Authentication) IdentiFiler Direct PCR Amplification Kit simplifies the amplification step during authentication of cell lines. The kit enables direct amplification of the same 16 loci included in our AmpFLSTR Identifiler Direct kit, eliminating the need to perform DNA extraction or purification steps for DNA database and other single-source reference samples.


When it comes to achieving a clean template for your Sanger sequencing reaction, without losing precious samples, our sequencing ExoSAP-IT PCR product cleanup reagent delivers time and time again and guarantees the data quality and sequencing accuracy you need to move forward with complete peace of mind.


The Ion GeneStudio S5 System Series enable scalable, flexible, high-throughput targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) for a broad range of applications. Whether you’re a sequencing and bioinformatics novice or a highly experienced pro, you’ll get the benefits of the simple, automated workflows and integrated reporting tools of the Ion GeneStudio S5 System.


Around the world, forensic DNA labs are being asked to do more with less. This is why the Applied Biosystems GlobalFiler IQC, GlobalFiler, and GlobalFiler Express PCR amplification kits combine reduced amplification time with exceptional discrimination power, even on the most challenging sample types.


Discover MagMAX technology and the power of magnetic bead-based kits for nucleic acid purification. Purify high-quality nucleic acids from a variety sample types. Save time and increase consistency by using with KingFisher instruments for automated sample purification.


Applied Biosystems MicroAmp plastics consumables offer excellent PCR or qPCR performance in formats developed to meet your experimental needs. All of our plastics consumables are validated with Applied Biosystems instruments for optimal fit and performance.


We offer SEQ rapid molecular methods for pharmaceutical manufacturing to help ensure the quality and safety of your pharmaceutical products, especially when accuracy and time-to-results are critical. These methods help detect impurities and identify contaminants by using molecular techniques such as DNA sequencing, PCR, and real-time PCR, and are fast becoming the standards for pharmaceutical analytics worldwide.


The ProFlex PCR System combines the reliability and performance you’ve come to expect from Applied Biosystems thermal cyclers with the flexible configuration and control features that fit how you work today. Interchangeable block formats allow you to maximize your throughput or run independent experiments concurrently.


The QuantStudio Real-time PCR (qPCR) portfolio offers solutions for everyone. From simplicity on a budget to high throughput for maximum productivity, whatever you need we have an instrument that is right for your research.


a quantitative PCR (qPCR)-based system for the detection of host-cell DNA from several cell lines used in the development of gene therapy, cell-based vaccines, and similar biotherapeutics.


The Applied Biosystems SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer is a low-throughput, easy-to-use, and convenient benchtop system that delivers gold-standard Sanger sequencing technology and fragment analysis with just a simple click.


The SimpliAmp Thermal Cycler is a small, easy-to-use, and accurate thermal cycler that suits any lab’s needs for everyday PCR. It is elegantly designed to deliver quiet cycling and features an innovative, safe heated lid and a large LCD color touchscreen.


SYBR Green master mixes are designed for quantitative real-time PCR using a set of two PCR primers that flank the target region. The master mixes contain buffer, dNTPs, thermostable hot-start DNA polymerase, and of course, SYBR Green dye—everything needed for real-time PCR, except the sample and PCR primer pair.


The TaqMan Assay family is the most comprehensive set of real-time PCR (qPCR) products available for gene expression, miRNA, protein analysis, copy number variation, SNP genotyping analysis, and rare allele mutation detection.


With superior quality, excellent performance, and regulatory compliance, Applied Biosystems TaqPath master mixes and assays are designed to deliver confidence and performance for even your most demanding applications.


The Veriti™ Dx 96-Well Thermal Cycler delivers the proven reliability you expect from Applied Biosystems for in vitro diagnostic PCR use. It features an easy-to-use color touch screen to simplify setup and use of the system, and VeriFlex™ Blocks, six independent temperature blocks designed to give precise control over your PCR optimization. Optional setups for fast PCR or standard PCR methods provide flexibility to shorten your PCR cycling time.


The Applied Biosystems™ VeritiPro™ Thermal Cycler delivers high-end performance and proven reliability with advanced temperature control technology and connectivity.


One-step RT-qPCR assays for the quantitation of genome-containing particles in supernatants from cell-based bioproduction systems.

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