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Urine Analysis

Urine Test Strips

Aution sticks, Aution screen, Uriflet 11UA
  • Comprehensive Product Range: ARKRAY offers various urine test strips (AUTION Sticks 10EA, 10PA, AUTION SCREEN, and Uriflet 11UA) designed using significant company resources for the medical profession.
  • Simultaneous Measurement: These strips allow the simultaneous measurement of up to 11 items, covering all essential parameters for urine testing, providing flexibility in choosing the desired combination for specific testing needs.
  • Accurate Data Features:
    • Blank Pad Correction: Ensures accurate measurements.
    • Abnormal Color Development Detection: Identifies discrepancies for precise results.
    • Temperature Correction: Adjusts measurements for temperature variations, maintaining accuracy.
  • Early Disease Detection:
    • Enables screening and early diagnosis of conditions like diabetic nephropathy and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).
    • Specifically, Uriflet 11UA and AUTION Screen allow the measurement of microalbumin and creatinine, enabling accurate tests even with minimal urine samples.
  • Impact on Patient Quality of Life: Early detection of renal diseases, often asymptomatic initially, significantly enhances the quality of life (QOL) for patients.

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