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Urinalysis Lab Automation

Urinalysis lab automation tailored to you
  • UN-Series allows customizable automation of urinalysis workflow using modular components.
  • Tailor a scalable solution to current and future needs, ensuring an adaptable investment.
  • Hands-free automation for the entire urinalysis process, displaying results on a centralized screen.
  • Choose between full line or stand-alone configurations based on specific requirements.
  • Option to start with test strip analysis or move directly to urine flow cytometry.
  • Utilize imaging only for selected samples, saving time and resources.
  • Customize workflow through individual rule settings.
  • Optional decapping module enhances automation levels.
  • Flexible scalability: Up- or downscale configuration as needed, connect up to nine modules in one fully automated line.
  • Add new modules or entry/exit modules to handle more sample tubes simultaneously.
  • Available as benchtop models or with wagons.

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