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Scalable Automations

Power Link Workcell

Streamline laboratory operations
• Deliver comprehensive and timely reports, cost-effectively, with an all-in-one platform that is flexible enough to accommodate other compatible components.
• Form an integrated platform that delivers comprehensive, synchronized results and facilitates accurate diagnosis.

Minimize manual tasks and reduce biohazard risk
• Single-point entry for chemistry and immunoassay tubes.
• Integrated decapper.

Take control, 24/7, with REMISOL Advance
• Rules-based automatic rerun and reflex testing.
• Consistent patient result interpretation.

Deliver consistent and rapid TAT
• Efficient specimen flow for STAT samples.
• Simultaneous processing for chemistry and immunoassay testing.

Maximize system uptime
• Unique automation design offers multiple- or single-analyzer functionality.
• System availability is maximized through PROService and DxONE Command Central.

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