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BACT | ALERT® Culture Media Features

Provides an optimal environment for the recovery of a wide range of organisms, including bacteria, fungi, and mycobacteria.

  • Flexible media recovers organisms from many sample types from blood to sterile body fluids
  • Colorimetric technology and sophisticated algorithms minimize false negatives
  • Standard and specialized Fastidious Antimicrobial Neutralization media available
  • Shatter-proof plastic bottles maximize safety without compromising performance

Bottle Types:

  • Standard Media (BACT/ALERT® SA Standard Aerobic/BACT/ALERT® SN Standard Anaerobic)
  • Fastidious Antimicrobial Neutralization Plus Media (FAN® Plus) (BACT/ALERT® FA Plus/ BACT/ALERT® FN Plus/BACT/ALERT® PF Plus)
  • Fastidious Antimicrobial Neutralization Media (BACT/ALERT® FA FAN®/ BACT/ALERT® FA FAN®/BACT/ALERT® PF)
  • Mycobacterium Media
    (BACT/ALERT® MP Mycobacteria)
  • Platelet QC Testing (BACT/ALERT® BPA Aerobic Platelet culture bottles/ BACT/ALERT® BPN Anaerobic Platelet culture bottles)

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