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Life Science – Breast Cancer

Sentimag / Magseed – Magnetic lesion and lymph node localisation

  • Magseed® marker designed to address challenges of other markers like clips, reflectors, tags, radioseeds, and wires.
  • Enables a flexible patient treatment pathway from marker placement to surgery.
  • Promotes high oncologic safety, accurate tissue localizations, and improved patient satisfaction.
  • Used alongside Sentimag® system, a sensitive magnetic detector locating the seed.
  • Marker deployed under ultrasound or X-ray guidance before surgery.
  • Surgeon uses Sentimag® system’s probe to precisely locate Magseed® and the lesion or lymph node.
  • Benefits for clinicians and patients: patient-friendly, no radioactivity, reduced stress, less pain, suitable for various soft tissues, long-term detectability, low re-excision rate.
  • Magseed® used in over 50,000 tissue localizations, both Magseed® and Sentimag® are CE-marked and FDA-cleared for soft tissue.

Sentimag Probe

  • Sentimag® offers ultrasensitive detection of sentinel lymph nodes using proximity-based localization.
  • Suitable for both pre- and post-incision use, with adjustable sensitivity levels from the front panel control.
  • Uses magnetic susceptometry principle and generates an alternating magnetic field to magnetize Sienna+® particles.
  • Detects tiny magnetic signatures from Sienna+® particles using the Sentimag® probe.
  • Key features include intuitive node localization, audible pitch variation for surgeon focus, flexibility in usage, large two-color digital display, and ease of use after a short familiarization period.

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