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XN series - XN-9000

  • XN-9000 is the largest core model of XN-Series, designed for labs with higher throughput needs
  • Fundamental components: at least two XN analysis modules, plus one SP-10 slide maker/stainer module
  • Available in different modular and scalable core configurations to suit individual needs
  1. XN-9000 Compact Integration:
    • Includes analysis modules, slide maker/stainer, digital imaging module
    • Ideal for straight hematology processing of medium to high workloads with uniform sample order profiles
  1. XN-9000 Sorting & Archiving:
    • Contains SP-10, DI-60, and XN analysis modules, plus tube sorter module (TS-10 or TS-10 Up)
    • Suited for labs with uniform high sample workload, requiring sample archiving and/or sorting for subsequent analyses
  1. XN-9000 Workload Balance:
    • Best for labs with higher analytical complexity and need for special or specifically ordered analyses
    • Includes tube sorter module (TS-10 or TS-10 Up) at the beginning of the workflow for pre-sorting samples
  2. XN-9000 Maximum Workload:
    • Designed for extremely high workloads, over 2,000 samples per day
    • Separates processing of pathological and additional testing samples via tube sorter (TS-10 Up) for short turnaround times
    • Flexible configuration allows utilization of clinical diagnostic capabilities and Smear Workflow for morphology analysis

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