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XN Series - XN-9100

  • XN-9100 is a scalable, modular automation system for labs of any size and complexity.
  • Achieves decreased turnaround time and optimized labor utilization.
  • Features automatic workload balancing, hands-free rerun/reflex testing, and automated reflexive slide preparation.
  • Customizable with modules like automated hematology analyzers, slide maker/stainer, cell image analyzers, tube sorters, and HbA1c analyzers.
  • XN-9100 Compact Integration integrates up to 24 XN analysis modules, new slide maker/stainer, and digital imaging module.
  • Best for labs with uniform order profiles, no dedicated EDTA tube sorting, and the need for smears and stains.
  • XN-9100 Sorting & Archiving configures up to ten XN modules, SP-50 slide maker/stainer, DI-60 digital imaging module, and TS-10 tube sorter.
  • Optimizes workflows from cell counting to morphology analysis, sorting EDTA tubes intelligently based on clinical value applications.
  • XN-9100 Workload Balance optimizes processing capacity and sample distribution by pre-sorting tubes according to user-defined criteria.
  • XN-9100 Maximum Workload suits labs with high EDTA blood sample workload, short turnaround time needs, and screening bulk samples quickly, analyzing conspicuous results separately.

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