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Advanced Analysis Solution for Rapid Microorganism Detection.
  • CHEMUNEX Cell Labeling Technology: Ensures labeling and detection of viable microorganisms, even in stress conditions.
  • Rapid Microbiology Testing: Improves quality assurance and production efficiency.
  • Overcomes Classical Microbiology Limits: Addresses limitations related to the growth rate of microorganisms on culture media.
  • Reduced Production Cycle Times: Helps in reducing cycle times and implementing just-in-time manufacturing processes.
  • Minimized Risks and Costs: Reduces risks and costs associated with potential in-process contamination.
  • Sterility Testing Acceleration: Enables sterility testing for UHT, ESL milk, juices, and other beverages in 24 hours instead of 14 days.
  • Yeast Detection Acceleration: Facilitates yeast detection in 24 hours instead of 5 days.

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