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Flow Cytometry

CyFlow Ploidy Analyser

Automatic Measurement of Ploidy Level and Genome Size in Plants and Animals
  • CyFlow Ploidy Analyser is a compact flow cytometer for ploidy analysis and high-resolution DNA and genome size analysis.
  • Modular system equipped with UV LED (365 nm) and/or green laser (532 nm) for high-resolution DNA analysis with CyStain reagents.
  • Measures DNA content of thousands of individual nuclei within seconds or minutes.
  • Results displayed as a DNA histogram on a 15.4″ color display.
  • Time- and cost-saving method providing precise results quickly through an efficient and validated workflow.
  • Can be equipped with an Autoloading Station for higher throughput, accepting up to two 96-well plates or 120 test tubes in a single load.

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