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Diagnostic kits

  • Diagnostic Kits Range: Includes Febrile Antigen Kits, Turbidimetry Kits, Syphilis Kits, Latex Kits, and other kits.
  • Latex Kits: CE Marked latex slide-agglutination kits for ASO, Rheumatoid Factor, C-Reactive Proteins, and IM.
  • Bulk reagents available for ASO, RF, and CRP in Latex Kits.
  • Staph, Strepto & CRP: Lorne Staph Test Kit identifies Staph. aureus. Lorne Strep Test Kit groups Streptococci of Lancefield groups A, B, C, D, F, and G. Lorne CRP Latex Test Kit detects CRP.
  • Latex reagents supplied at optimal dilution for various recommended techniques.

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