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Since 1992
General trade, import and export, commercial representation, trade of medical and laboratory equipment and reagents and maintenance activities. Health management and consultancy.

Logo Supplier_Biomerieux

bioMérieux is a French company specialized in high-quality diagnostic products for clinical and industrial applications with a strategic focus on antimicrobial resistance, sepsis, acute care, syndromic approaches, food and pharmaceutical safety. We started business with BMX since 1992.

Healthcare Solutions

Industry Solutions

Logo Supplier_Sysmex

Sysmex Corporation, a Japanese company established in 1978, initially specialized in haematology solutions is currently focusing on urinalysis, homeostasis and flow cytometer fields. We started business with Sysmex since 1992.

Logo Supplier_Beckman Coulter

Beckman Coulter Diagnostics, a global American leader, specialized in developing, manufacturing, and marketing products for complex biomedical testing. It operates in Diagnostics and Life Sciences, to address pressing health issues like COVID-19, sepsis, antimicrobial resistance, infertility, and cardiovascular disease. We started business with Beckman Coulter since 1997.

Logo Supplier_Arkray

Arkray, established in 1960 in Japan, is a prominent player in the clinical testing market offering products, such as glucometers, glycol-hemoglobin, urine test, and biochemical analysers. We started business with Arkray since 2007..

Logo Supplier_Qiagen

QIAGEN is a German company established in the 1980s, specialized in molecular diagnostics and research. It developed QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus, a leading blood test for latent tuberculosis (TB) infection, gaining FDA approval in 2015. We started business with Qiagen since 2007.

Logo Supplier_Alifax

Alifax, founded in 1988, is an innovative Italian company among the top global players in haematology, microbiology, molecular biology, serology, and autoimmunity fields. We started business with Alifax since 2014.

Logo Supplier_Lorne

Lorne Laboratories is an English company providing simple and ethical solutions for Blood Transfusion professionals for over forty years. We started business with Lorne since 1999.

Logo Supplier_BMS

An extensive product portfolio ranging from basic to advanced instruments for:

Logo Supplier_Biocartis

Biocartis, a Belgian molecular diagnostics company that provides oncology solutions for melanoma, colorectal and lung cancer, as well as sepsis via its unique IdyllaTM platform. We started business with Biocartis since 2019.

Logo Supplier_Diatech

Diatech Pharmacogenetics Founded in 1996, is an Italian leading company in pharmacogenetics development, production, and commercialization. It provides comprehensive solutions including liquid biopsy kits, real-time PCR systems, micro- satellite instability assays, all meeting high-quality and regulatory standards. We started business with Diatech since 2021.

Logo Supplier_Lisaline

Lisaline, founded in 1998 is a leading Indian provider of cold-chain monitoring products, offering Temperature Indicators, Wireless, Bluetooth, and Single/Multiple- Use Data-loggers solutions. We started business with Lisaline since 2010.

Logo Supplier_Alveo

An American company specialized in molecular testing. Their be.well™ initially focusing on respiratory infections is adaptable to detect various diseases and pathogens. We started business with Alveo in 2023.

Logo Supplier_Celis

A Chinese medical device innovator, specialized in the Helicobacter pylori breath test aiming for superior clinical outcomes and enhanced patient quality of life. We started business with Celis in 2023.

Logo Supplier_Artron

Artron Laboratories Inc., founded in 2002, has established itself as a global leader in the progression of in vitro diagnostic lateral flow tests offering a wide range of rapid test for fertility, Infectious Diseases, Drugs of Abuse (DOA), Tumour Markers, Cardiac Markers and Food Safety & GMO. We started business with Artron since 2021.

Logo Supplier_Medomics

Founded in 2017, is a Nanjing-based international company specialized in immune-chromatographic testing that focuses on diagnosing microorganisms, tumours, and rare diseases. We started business with Jiangsu Medomics since 2022.

Logo Supplier_Cellex

Cellex Founded in 2002, Incorporated is a bio-tech company that develops technologies, instruments, and assays for testing human diseases and conditions focusing particularly on point-of-care (POC) professional healthcare settings. We started business with Cellex since 2020.

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