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Our Profile

FMPS Holding s.a.l. was founded in 1992 and has grown progressively  to become a major player among both local and regional business corporations.
FMPS expands its business branches (units) relying on the "well-developed roots" of its group-administration and operations comprising of the following departments:
Finance / HR / Procurement / Marketing / Customer Care / Quality / SBD / IT  / Legal & Regulatory Affairs.
The core business and vertebral column of our group business lies in healthcare: Medical, Hospitals/Labs, Pharmaceutical, as well as Research & Quality Control/Assurance (QC/QA).
In addition to the above, FMPS exercises its expertise as well in the fields of: Technology Innovation & Solutions, Services, Logistics & Supply, Infrastructure & Contracting, Electrical/Mechanical/Telecom, among other.
Our Corporation has successfully acquired ISO 9001:2008 management certification (See: Our Culture Page - Quality Policy), and has been devoted to the improvement of the management system year after year.
Despite the above-demonstrated miscellany of our business scope, yet the key to this successful diversity and workforce is - QUALITY; as it lays at the core of our personnel expertise , of our delivered products & services, and our day-to-day micro-to-macro operations.
By all means of Quality, we have successfully managed to gain the trust of our partners and business associates one time after the other.
As our market needs and requirements gradually grow, FMPS branches aim to continuously grow higher and above all common standards, looking at the future as if it is today!

FMPS - Together for a Healthier World.
CEO Word

It is my strong belief that the main success of any company lies in its capability to acquire and retain a dedicated professional team that works hand in hand; but the key to a successful corporation is Quality. Strong people, world-leading innovative products, and premium service, are the core elements of our success.
Together for a Healthier World – is our concept at FMPS Holding. It is how we establish and retain the valuable partnership with our clients and business associates, assisting them to go beyond their goals.
FMPS strives to continuously provide its partners with quality and innovation, as we do not just sell products; we actually provide them with the ideal solution at the best quality-to-price ratio.
Since 1992, our journey was modestly exciting with success. This was attributed to our employees, clients and business partners; but mainly by virtue of our Great GOD who has always given us the strength, faith in difficult time, and perseverance to remain steadfast in our work. This all, has always been the secret behind your worthy trust, and thus our firm growth."

Pierre E. Salloum – CEO