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Logistics Supply & Services s.a.l. (LSS) is a registered company under Lebanese law since 2006, functioning either as prime contractor or as subcontractor to several types of services varying from logistics services to Food Supply to Contracting electrical and mechanical projects, and finally to telecommunication services.

LSS is  a leading supplier of varying services such as supplying logistics and all raw materials including food, office supplies, car rentals, housing, translation services, recruitment, (among other services) to American Governmental Institutions and the United Nations (UN troops : 15000 soldiers stationed in the south of Lebanon) and the Lebanese government in particular with the General Security Forces, Internal Security Forces, and the Lebanese Army Forces/ Military Directorate.

LSS has an extensive experience in this field in Lebanon and foreign countries, mainly Congo, Nigeria, Kuwait, Qatar, Morovia, where it has also supplied them with raw material, housing, recruitment of personnel, car rental, phone service, telecommunication, contracting and other. LSS manages several other large, complex contracts of a similar nature for the United Nations agencies.

LSS has been involved in both the provision of varying supplies to Governmental and non Governmental customers throughout the 20 years of experience that FMPS holding has acquired.

Services (SE)


LSS is Your Trusted Partner and the Leading Supplier of Varying Services such as:


* Logistics Services

* Prime / Sub-Contractor: Complex Contract-Management (Governmental & Non-Governmental Institutions)

* Supplies: Raw Material, Food Supply, Office Supplies, other

* Electrical, Mechanical and Telecom Projects

* Foreign Company-Establishment Endorsement & PR

* Various Services: Car Rentals, Housing, Translation Services, Recruitment, Security, other.