Electra Engineering

Laboratory Supplies & Diagnostic Machines

Company Profile


Electra Engineering s.a.l., provides high quality of medical and laboratory equipments and their reagents along with technical engineering services (installation and sales services) to its clients. Also, Electra specializes in designing and setting up laboratories from A to Z. Electra’s main target are hospitals of different sizes, medical centers, laboratories and industries.

Electra is among the first IVD (In Vitro Diagnostic Test) companies that focus on innovative & latest technologies for their distinguished Improvements. 

Hospitals, Laboratories, dispensaries and industries are visited regularly throughout  the whole of Lebanon by competent medical and sales representatives.

Services (SE)


In order to provide the best service to her clients, all Electra Engineering's product application specialist and system engineers are continuously trained locally and abroad which enabled Electra to become a key player in the distribution of all IVD products distributed across Lebanon.

As experts in the distribution of medical equipment, Electra is involved in every stage upon client selection of equipment from installation to offering continual functional and technical support.

Typically, the system engineers are on-site at the customer’s locations handling client contact, providing technical training and support, and resolving any troubleshooting issues that arise.


Application Support:

All Electra Engineering's Product Application Specialist are providing the best service to the clients:

- 24/7 application support

- Troubleshooting & assistance 

- New products demonstration 

- Sharing & Practicing latest supplier recommendations & updates

- New parameters introduction

- Continuous trainings (Local & Abroad)


Technical Support:

All Electra Engineering's Service engineers are providing the best service to the clients:

- 24/7 Technical support

- Periodic preventive maintenance to minimize and avoid emergencies

- Instrument Troubleshooting

- Training client technical personnel to ensure good practice